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zero net energy center
zero net energy center

More about our roof system

A completely new EPDM membrane roofing system featuring R-50 tapered insulation, additional insulation and 30 year rated roofing materials. The team removed the existing flat roof system and associated sheet metal components as required and installed new mechanically attached and fully adhered flat stock and tapered polyisocyanurate roof insulation systems to provide a new R value = 50 and promote proper drainage of all roof areas.

Over the new roof insulation system, the team fully adhered a ½” primed gypsum cover board system to create a very smooth and strong substrate for the new EPDM roof membrane to be adhered to.

The new roof membrane consists of a fully adhered 90 mil non-reinforced EPDM roof membrane. This roof membrane is a very durable membrane that can take the weight of the new roof mounted solar panel system. Our sheet metal department fabricated and installed new wind rated prefinished galvanized steel wall copings, fascia systems and counter-flashings at required locations.

The new roof system carries a manufacturer’s Total System warranty that covers roof material and workmanship for a period of thirty years. 

zero net energy center