Energy Efficient Windows

Contractor: Edwards Glass | Livonia, Michigan

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All the storefront and curtain wall system windows were replaced in the building.

32 Tubelite T1400 Series windows were used for the exterior windows and Tubelite 400 series windows were used for the two curtain wall systems.  The T14000 Series is 2” x 4 ½” deep flush glazed with 1” insulated glass, a poured and de-bridged thermal break provides condensation resistance and limits thermal conduction. 

All windows used SNX 62/27 Thompson IG for the glazing. The visible light percentage is 62 and the solar heat gain coefficient is 0.27. This is when the low E coating is on the number 2 surface. Class I Clear Anodized finish was used on all windows. Four new energy efficient single doors and two pairs of doors were also installed.