Check out the transformation of the IBEW Local 58 headquarters in Detroit to a Zero Net Energy facility. The facility incorporated many energy efficient technologies including solar, geothermal, LED lighting, advanced controls and more.

The IBEW Local 58 Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Center, is Michigan’s first Zero Net Energy facility was created in partnership between IBEW Local 58, Sy Design and the Green Team Coalition, has been remodeled to strategically deploy the newest technologies, engineering and construction techniques to reduce the building’s baseline energy to the lowest possible level. 

The IBEW commissioned and completed feasibility study will make it much easier for other businesses in the region to construct or remodel ZNE compliant buildings. The design and construction team spent countless engineering hours calculating the building’s energy production and consumption and then deploying an array of energy saving technologies to make the IBEW a true “zero net energy” facility. The ZNE Center is a working example of the many options available today to reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings.

Construction on the original building began in 1965 and was completed in 1966. Extensive building modifications to make the building ZNE compliant began in September 2016 and work on this 33,000-square foot facility was completed in the spring of 2017. 

IBEW Local 58 represents over 4,700 highly skilled journeymen electricians in Southeast Michigan. There are IBEW Local’s throughout Michigan, the United States and Canada.


It all started when…

“The members who built this building started from the ground up back in 1964 and completed it in 1965. Every system in here was circa 1964-65, so it was a great undertaking just on that end of it. We basically had to gut this building completely and get all those systems out. The focus was to make this zero-net energy and high efficiency, but also to maintain some of the building’s original integrity. The idea here is to showcase what our members are trained to do and what we’re trying to promote in the market. And that’s energy efficiency. It became a focus when we started to look at what we needed to do here at the building. I would argue that we’re the leader in this technology. Our members have been trained, our contractors have been educated in how to promote and bid these projects, and we teach the advanced training at our training center in Warren, Michigan.”
— Michael Richard IBEW International Representative